With so many categories – Ceramics, Homewares, Beauty & Fashion, Personal Care Electronics and Multimedia – you would be forgiven for asking what ties all of Arovo’s categories together. To us this is simple – our single unifying purpose is to bring design to the mass market. We only operate in categories in which design is the critical differentiator and in which we can offer best in market pricing.

Arovo’s primary DNA is design. Beautifully designed products of course. But also designs that follow the latest trends, and products that are designed for the specific consumer target groups of our customers. Our aim is to achieve all of this at speeds the rest of the market struggle to match – in the textiles industry this is known as “fast fashion”. We bring this same dynamic to our categories.

We achieve this “fast fashion” through a combination of factors. Each of our categories is supported by a team of true experts. Teams that understand and follow the product and design trends in many different regions and countries. Teams that know the different factories and their capabilities, and who work in partnership with them – co-design, fast sampling, priority access to capacity – to ensure we can be first to market. And teams that know how to match a customers needs to the optimal (socially and environmentally compliant) factory at the lowest possible price.

Which leads on to our secondary DNA. Low cost. Our customers are some of the most demanding retailers and brand owners in the world. They have many options in terms of supply, including often their own buying organisations. For Arovo to compete we need not only to show something special in terms of design, but our prices need to positively surprise. They do.

Arovo’s rapid growth in the increasingly difficult retail environment of recent years is evidence of the success of this “fast fashion / low cost” approach. We are delivering to our customers differentiated products that sell well, underpinning our continued growth.

Arovo welcomes interest from companies wanting to know more about how we might be able to support their commercial objectives. Feel free to contact us.