Arovo partners with Casa and MasterChef to launch an exclusive range of kitchen and tabletop products in more than 500 stores across 8 European countries

Amsterdam, May 2022

Arovo has been an important supplier of Casa for more than 20 years and is the core partner of MasterChef for kitchen and tabletop products globally since 2019.

Nathalie Vandeghinste, CEO Arovo reflects on how the Casa opportunity began: “The idea of selling MasterChef kitchen and tabletop products in Casa started during a meeting in Casa’s offices about a completely different subject. It evolved rapidly and before we knew it, we were developing the exclusive Elite Collection. This includes more than 40 products in 7 categories for two new 80cm shelving units at 500 Casa stores and for online. It has been an intensive but enjoyable process designing the collection in conjunction with the Casa and MasterChef teams. Everyone is incredibly proud of the result, and we are already starting to develop new items. My appreciation goes to Casa for their willingness to make such a bold move and to MasterChef for their cooperation in helping us make this happen so fast.”

Gerdje van Steenbergen, Purchasing Director at Casa. “Arovo is one of the longest-serving suppliers of Casa. We have a very open business relationship and have shared each other’s business highs and lows over many years. Without this kind of shared history, it would have been difficult to take the risk of starting from scratch with a brand with two full 80cm shelving bays. Especially as we wanted an exclusive range, and the products did not yet exist. The combined team of people from Casa, Arovo and MasterChef really did an amazing job to deliver this project on time.”

The exclusive Elite Collection was launched in all Casa stores across 8 countries in March. Made with high quality specifications it includes small domestic appliances, cookware, knives, board, mixing bowls, textiles, and dinnerware with a unique lined design. Casa customers are also able to access an exclusive recipes website via a QR code inside the packaging.

About Arovo

Over the last 30 years, Arovo has grown from to become one of the largest ceramic dinnerware suppliers in Europe. Building on these foundations, Arovo has expanded into the kitchenware, home décor, and personal care categories. Today we design, source, and supply products to the large retail and e-commerce businesses over 25 countries worldwide. Arovo not only designs and sources for private label customers, but also offers leading international brands, including MasterChef, The Great British Baking Show and ELLE HOME in the home categories and ELLE, Cosmopolitan, and McGregor in the lifestyle categories.

One core mission brings this diverse range of product categories and brands together – offering beautifully designed products at prices affordable for all.


About Casa

Casa is a contemporary international interior design store chain, with establishments in 8 European countries and more than 500 stores, both branches and franchisees. At Casa, the feeling of being at home comes first. We want our customers to enjoy life at home more with a high-quality range of decorative and functional interior items. To achieve this, we opt for affordable feel-good products in our range of decorative and gift items, household textiles, kitchen accessories and furniture for in and around the house. We closely follow interior trends, which means that we keep our range surprising and inspiring. We are aiming for a fresh and dynamic image, with attention to changing seasonal offer.




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