30 years of great
designs at
affordable prices

For over 30 years Arovo has been delighting customers in Europe and many other countries around the world with expensive looking dinnerware and prices affordable for everyone. And we aren’t planning on stopping any time soon.


When it comes to private label sourcing we know that many of our customers have other options when deciding to design and source products, often including their own in-house sourcing teams. Arovo seeks to differentiate itself by bringing the most on-trend designs at extremely competitive prices. We are able to do this by utilising an in-house design team combined with leveraging our long-standing high volume driven supplier relationships. In essence we are able offer beautifully designed products that our retail customers want, at prices that their consumers love. By doing this consistently Arovo has grown to be one of the largest private label dinnerware suppliers in Europe, delivering over 40 million items per year to our customers.

We now also offer a private label sourcing service in all categories, including home deco and textiles. All products are sourced according to the highest ethical, environmental and quality standards.


Arovo has grown from its beginnings almost 30 years ago as a small ceramics importer in Belgium to being one of the largest and most international companies in this category, with customers all over the EU and further afield. We handle over 40m pieces per annum, and this figure continues to grow rapidly. We have achieved this growth through a simple strategy – beautiful on trend design at mass market prices.


Building on our strength in tableware Arovo has developed ranges in all of the key kitchen categories including small domestic appliances, cookware, knives, cutlery, utensils and wooden boards among others. This enables us to apply a design style across an a number of different categories, providing for a stronger retail on online presentation. The focus of our kitchenware business is MasterChef.


If any category provides an opportunity for Arovo to demonstrate its design and ranging capabilities it is home deco, and in particular textiles. Our cushions, kitchen and table textiles are already best sellers in retailers across Europe, despite this being the youngest business within Arovo.


We believe you should not have to spend a fortune to look great and up to date. We bring personal care items that people love at prices they can barely believe. Under the ELLE and Cosmopolitan brands we have developed a number of stylish ranges of hair electricals including hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and more. In less than two years these items are now listed at major retailers in over ten European countries.


At Arovo we have re-thought multimedia. As well as offering competitive products with a male-oriented ‘tech’ focus, under our Cosmopolitan and ELLE brands we also offer multimedia products with a much more female aesthetic –animal prints, furs and other materials and designs are developed to offer customer much more appealing multimedia ranges.


Isn’t it great when your fashion accessories are as on trend as the rest of you. Arovo has created a range of fashion accessories that achieve just this. Hair brushes, make up brushes and more, yet none will stretch your budget!